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Ghostly Sightings in Lapford.

Many thanks to Chris for his email detailing a possible sighting of the Vicar John Radford during the summer 2007:

"I was staying with a group of  Bikers at the Malt Scoop last year.  We'd had a good nights drinking and had camped out back of the pub.  About 2.30 am I awoke with a splitting head ache (beer induced I assume).
Anyway I decided to to take a walk down the hill towards the A377 to get some air.  I set off on my walk down the left side of the road and was almost immediately greeted by the site of a vicar or man of the cloth walking up the hill on the right side. I say vicar because it was just the impression I got from his dark robe type attire.  The man passed on the other side of the road and appeared to go into the church gate.  I thought little of it other than to think it a little late for the vicar to be about. I continued down as far as Barris and then walked back up on the other side of the road without seeing another soul.
The next day I actually enquired of one of the locals as to whether somebody in the village had died as I'd seen the vicar in the early hours and assumed he must be on a mission of mercy of some sort..  The local said they hadn't heard of anybody dying and actually weren't sure if they had a vicar at the church at the moment.  No mention of a haunting was made.  I've been to Lapford many times in the past and have never heard of the vicar haunting until now.
I thought no more of this until I read the account of Vicar John Radford on your site today.
Just a coincidence? No idea .. but the Vicar of Lapford was out late that night."

Have you seen this or any other ghost in Lapford? Let us know!


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