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Lapford Ghosts & Hauntings.

St Thomas Becket.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket was brutally murdered by four knights under the instruction of King Henry II on 29th December 1170 in Canterbury Cathedral.

One of those knights involved in the Archbishops murder was Sir William de Tracy from nearby in the West Country,(now known as Bovey Tracy). It is  believed that Sir William de Tracey built Lapfords very own St Thomas of Canterbury Church as penance for his part in that murder.

Some say that the ghost of Thomas a Beckett can be seen galloping on a white horse through the village on the anniversary of his death on his way to confront his murderer.

Watch out for him on the 29th December! Have you seen him?


Vicar John Radford

The vicar of Lapford in the 1860's was John Radford, by all accounts he was an eccentric character to say the least. For reasons best known to himself, he murdered his curate and was consequently tried for murder. The jury, consisting of his parishioners were unable to condemn their Vicar to the gallows so in spite of overwhelming evidence he was acquitted and he returned to his duties as Vicar of Lapford until his death in 1867.

It was apparently his wish to be buried in the chancel of the church. Before he died he made the ominous threat that he would return to haunt the village if his wishes were not carried out.

John Radford was buried outside the vestry door, not in the chancel as he wanted. The stories go that he was true to his word and continues to haunt the village to this day. Have you seen him?

There are also stories that there is a hole in his grave that can not be filled - I have looked at the grave several times and have been unable to see this hole! Another story says that his headstone will never stand straight as long as he is buried there... this story was obviously made up by someone who had never seen the churchyard in Lapford - almost every headstone is crooked with John Radford's being one of the few exceptions!

Have you seen these ghosts?

Do you know of any other  Haunting in Lapford?

Let us know!

See sightings of Lapford Ghosts.



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